Summer Salad series 🥗☀️

Rounding off my Summer Salad series with these four recipes! Make sure to save these recipes and enjoy them on warm summer days. Not your typical salad, these recipes are quick and easy to make, packed with wonderful flavors and will convince even the salad skeptics!

Korean inspired Cucumber Salad

Watching Kylie Jenner chopping cucumber has inspired me to create a cucumber salad recipe. This Korean-inspired cucumber salad is paired with a sweet, savory and spicy sauce and crunchy chickpeas. It makes a refreshing snack or side dish that is too cool for the summer!

Cucumber salad

Vietnamese inspired Mango Salad

Vietnamese Mango Salad is a simple and fresh dish that uses mango as the key ingredient. Like many Vietnamese recipes, it uses herbs such as mint or cilantro and the added crunch from peanuts and fried shallots. Finally, the dressing adds an umami flavor profile to the dish!

Vietnamese Mango Salad

Green Goddess Salad with Japanese flavors

Green Goddess Salad is a take on the viral TikTok trend from Baked By Melissa and this recipe can be made in 20 minutes. Incorporating some Japanese elements like miso paste, edamame beans and nori sheet helps elevate the dish and makes it a filling and nourishing meal!

Green Goddess Salad

Gado Gado Tempeh Salad

The last recipe in the Summer Salad series is a warm salad. Gado Gado is an Indonesian-inspired salad with crispy tempeh and flavorful peanut-based sauce. The salad has a perfect balance of freshness from the veggies and warmth and comfort from the stir-fried tempeh and green beans. Like its name “Gado Gado” which means “mix mix”, this recipe is super versatile and you can swap the recommended ingredients with ones that you have on hand.

Gado Gado Salad

If you have tried my recipe, please let me know what you think by leaving me a review on this page or tagging me on Instagram @veggieanh. I would love to see your creations!

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